All potential publications are considered under assumption that their essential content is not already published or being offered for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts should be submitted by email to the editorial board (email: ). All manuscripts will be peer reviewed before publication.

The initial submission of manuscript should include a Microsoft Word document or Open Document Format document. Final submission should consist of a copy of all text material in a text file and could also contain high-resolution images in separate files.

Sovijus requires authors to follow the principles of publication ethics.The journal has the right to reject submissions suspected of plagiarism at any stage of the assessment process. It will also retract articles found to violate the requirement of originality after publication.

Members of the editorial board assess the general suitability of submitted manuscripts. All published manuscripts will have been reviewed by at least one of the members of the editorial board and at least one outside reviewer.

The author is required to be able to demonstrate to the editorial board the possession of all necessary permissions to reproduce copyright material, for print and online publication. The author is also responsible for accurate and appropriate usage of references to the sources and secondary literature used in their texts.