SOVIJUS. INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES OF CULTURE is a peer-reviewed semi-annual journal of Lithuanian Culture Research Institute for discussing important problems of cultural development, spread and interaction of different cultures, as well as for developing the new research fields of cultural studies. The journal contains scientific articles and studies, covering the culture develop- ment and spread, cultural theory, civilisational comparativistics, social and cultural anthropol- ogy, cultural memory, cultural psychology, cultural sociology, new media culture findings as well as translations of topical texts, historical sources, reviews and conference reviews. The editorial board focuses on theoretical and methodological problems of exploring culture as well as various issues of relative fields. Articles are published in Lithuanian, English and other languages com- monly used by the academic community.

The journal is supplemented with a series of studies and monographs.


Prof. Antanas Andrijauskas (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute)

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Tadas Snuviškis (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute)

Editor of the Issue

Dr. Salomėja Jastrumskytė (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute)

Editorial Board

Prof. Antanas Andrijauskas (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute)

Prof. Sekhar Basu (Delhi University, India)

Prof. Dr. Audrius Beinorius (Vilnius University)

Prof. habil. dr. Pawel Bytniewski (Maria Curie- Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland)

Associate Professor Naglis Kardelis (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute)

Prof. Janina Kursytė-Pakulė (Latvian Academy of Sciences, University of Latvia)

Dr. Dainius Razauskas (Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore)

Dr. Romualdas Juzefovičius (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute)

Prof. habil. dr. Charles Ridoux (Université de Valenciennes (The Polytechnic University of Hauts-de- France)

Dr. Vytautas Rubavičius (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute)

Prof. Carles Salazar (University of Lleida, Catalonia, Spain)

Prof. Hidemichi Tanaka (Tohoku University, Japan)

Lithuanian Language Editor

Onutė Gaidamavičiūtė


Skaistė Ašmenavičiūtė

Recommended for publishing by the Council of Science of Lithuanian Culture Research Institute

Every article is reviewed by two reviewers


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Cover I: Violeta Mackialo. „Searching for a coincidence“, 2021, paper, cyanotype

Violeta Mackialo works from the series “The journey continues. Into the deep”, 2022, cyanotype, etching, monotype, coincidence, p. 9, 69, 139, 199

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