Dainius Razauskas. Enclosure of Paradise: An Image of the Fenced-Around Beyond in Baltic Mythology / Summary

Radvilė Racėnaitė. The Witch in Lithuanian Tales of Magic: Folklore and Mythological Peculiarities of the Image / Summary

Onutė Gaidamavičiūtė. Mentioning and Functions of the Birds in Baltic Religion and Mythology Sources / Summary


Algis Mickūnas. Existential Crisis

Aivaras Stepukonis. (Post)Modernizing Contemporary Intellectual Culture

Augustinas Dainys. (Self)education(s) as First Philosophy / Summary

Tomas Nemunas Mickevičius. Contextualizing Simondon’s Critique of Hylemorphism: On Technological Mediation / Summary

Andrius Tamoševičius. Ontological Foundation of Aesthetics in the Philosophical Concepts of Merleau-Ponty and Dufrenne / Summary


Žilvinas Vareikis. The Consideration of an Intercultural Approach in the Ethnology and in the Cultural Anthropology / Summary

Ina Kiseliova-El Marassy. The metaphysical Free Will of Sufi: Fate (qaḍāʾ) and Destiny (qadar) in Ibn Arabi

Dalia Aleksandravičiūtė. 17th Century Mechanistic Attitudes and Speculations on the Magic of Optical Experiments / Summary

Stasys Mostauskis. The Light and Shade of the Trees in the Graphical Art of Malgorzata Chomicz / Summary


Alvydas Noreika. Trajectories of Lithuanian Philosophy

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